School Review

Our school review was completed earlier this term with the school commended on many areas highlighted by:


Our whole school literacy and numeracy strategies

  • Our excellent student achievement data
  • Our teacher PD and coaching program to enable each teacher to be their best
  • Our high levels of parent and community involvement
  • Our positive school tone reflected in both parent and student surveys
  • Our strong leadership structure
  • Our amazing extra curricula activities
  • Our sense of enjoyment, fun and inclusiveness as a school

The review also looked at targets set 4 years ago in our last strategic plan. We were very aspirational when setting these targets around, high relative growth according to NAPLAN, student survey data, transition data from our parent surveys and NAPLAN band data. All goals were achieved through the 4 year period and those that weren’t were missed by very small margins but major growth was recorded in all areas. A summary of the review conducted by peer principals, reviewers, School Councillors and staff is available on our website.  For full details click  School Review


The next step is to write our next strategic plan which will guide the next four years at Elwood primary School.