Father Bob Foundation

We are so proud of our Level 3 team and kids who decided to donate their kitchen food for the week to the homeless, lonely and food insecure of our community in light of Homelessness Week.


Our Grade 3 and 4 students, along with their teachers, volunteers and our kitchen specialists, cooked and baked goods such as muesli slices and chocolate brownies. We even had Janet, Julie and Valerie help out at the Father Bob Foundation one night, talking to the community they served.


They met some beautiful people who were so grateful that EPS were there. They couldn’t thank us enough when told that the students at Elwood Primary made the food.


They loved hearing about the school age children who had cooked the food and made an amazing donation and connection to their wider community. I would also like to thank Janet, Sam, Kathy, Valerie, Julie and Ange for giving of their time to make this event and connection so special.