Cracking in Senior School Building

The Senior School building has had renovations to  create a better learning

environment for our students. However major cracks and structural damage

is being caused by the tree in the courtyard plus the gum tree in the senior school playground.  The building is continiously moving and cracking and possibly becoming unsafe.  We have a commitment from the Department of Education financial commitment to fix the foundations and structural integrity

of the bulding. 



School Council has petitioned the Department and communicated tirelessly to work on options to keep the trees, however, last week we were advised that the trees

are a major contributing factor to the condition of the building and they must go.



To provide students and staff with a safe environment this work needs to be completed as soon as possible.  This means removing both trees to ensure the soil around the building and under footings can be stable for years to come.  Of course, we love the outdoor area, the shade and the aesthetic look and we know our school community will be sad to see these trees go - however we look forward to being able to create a brand new grounds masterplan in consultation with the whole community and expert to create a new look with native plantings and more appropriate trees for the area.