Physical Education & Sport @Elwood PS

Physical Education & Sport @Elwood PS - Term 2 Vverview

Check out the our new PE website for more information on all things Sport and PE, including key dates and detailed information about upcoming events for the year.

Preps -

This term the preps are continuing to develop their understanding of rules and boundaries of more complex games, while increasing their confidence moving around in different spaces.  They are learning the techniques for different types of throws and how to apply these skills within minor games.

Grade 1 & 2s -

The Grade 1 & 2s will begin to apply throwing and catching skills to small-sided games and investigating how passing skills can be used in minor games, whilst using different equipment.  They will also develop their athletics skills and apply these within minor games, as well as continuing to build an understanding of how we work in a team environment. Through this we are also developing knowledge of rules to different games.

Grade 3 & 4s

This term we are developing more sports specific skills for throwing and catching sports.  The students will also be learning how to make links between invasion games to develop understanding of tactics. Through this they will build knowledge of the rules for each sport and identify similarities between different invasion games, and use this knowledge to develop how we play.

Grade 5 & 6 -

Our Grade 5 & 6 students are continuing more complex, sports specific skills for throwing and catching sports, as well as kicking sports.  They will continue to make links between invasion games and further develop an understanding of tactics. The students will build understanding of moving into space, effective communication, timing and effective decision-making.  Furthermore, they will also have the opportunity to take on different roles of positions, umpires and coaches. This will build understanding of the difference and importance of each roles and why we need them.


Grade 5 & 6 Winter Sports & Round Robin

The sports for this term are AFL, Netball, Soccer, T-Ball and Hula Skipping.

After several practise sessions we compete against other schools in our district in some friendly matches. Like term 1, we will again have a Round Robin day against other schools in the Balaclava District. For all of the relevant dates and fixtures, please visit our PE website -


Thanks and we are looking forward to a wonderful term 2 in PE and Sport!

Sam Casey