Visual Art



The aim of the Visual Arts Program at Elwood Primary is to develop students’ creativity and passion for art.  Students have opportunity to express themselves and create artwork that is a reflection of their interests, observations and experiences. Students develop and refine their knowledge and skills by being exposed to a variety of materials and processes/techniques.


At Elwood Primary, students are responsible for behaving like artists. Craftsmanship, risk-taking and persistence are celebrated and valued. Students get 1 hour of art a week.  There are opportunities for extension and special interest groups to participate in a lunchtime art club.


Artwork is proudly displayed in our school and exhibited during our biennial Art Show. 

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Term 2 Visual Arts  - Leanne, Andrea and Sarah


Preps will be learning about warm and cool colours, secondary colours and patterns. Students will be introduced to new materials including oil pastels, soft pastels and ink. Animals and creatures will inspire artwork.


Year 1s will be learning about collages through the creation of a cityscape. Students will explore some art styles from China in celebration of the upcoming Asian Week.


Year 2s will be learning about artworks inspired by Japan. Students will learn a variety of new painting techniques.


Year 3s will be learning about the key features of perspective. Students will use a variety of materials including watercolour pencils, soft pastels and ink. The Garden Program, observations and previous experiences will inspire artwork.


Year 4s will build on their existing knowledge of perspective and will be learning about 1-Point Perspective and Op Art. Students will learn to draw a 3D object using form and value (shading).


Year 5 and 6s are continuing to blow my socks off with their own unique creations. Acrylic paintings, watercolour paintings, wire sculptures and manga and graffiti style art are some of the many things that are taking over the art room.


We are looking for home/food/garden magazines and newspaper.